3rd Congress of MIG – Agenda

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FRIDAY 16.12.2016.

Serbian National Theatre
Key lectures
Moderators: Prim. dr Luka Anđelić, Prof. dr Vesna Kopitović, Doc. dr Đorđe Ilić

16:00 Introduction Doc. dr Đorđe Ilić
Rektor Prof. dr Dušan Nikolić
Prof. dr Tihomir Vejnović
16:15 GESEA and European Diploma Dr Yves van Belle – Belgium ESGE Academy
17:00 Do we know laparoscopic anatomy? Prof. dr Resad Pašić, Louisville, USA
17:45 Robotic surgery for benign gynecological conditions Prof. dr Katty Huang, New York, USA
18:30 Tips and tricks for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery Prof. dr Eric Sokol, Stanford, USA

19:15 Opening of the III Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology Serbia with international participation
19:30 Welcome cocktail
20:30 Theater play: “The bridge on the Drina”


SATURDAY 17.12.2016.

Where are we today in MIG?
Moderators: Prim. dr Luka Anđelić, Doc. dr Đorđe Ilić, Ass. Dr Rastko Maglić

09:00 Minimally invasive surgery
in early cervical cancer – new standard of care
Prof. dr Aleksandar Stefanović
09:20 Hysterectomy – yesterday, today, tomorrow Prof. dr Tihomir Vejnović
09:40 Comparison of outcomes
of total laparoscopic and total abdominal hysterectomy
Prof. dr Snežana Rakić
10:00 Hysteroscopy – How far have we gone in education and results Prof. dr Vesna Kopitović
10:20 Laser in therapy of stress urinary incontinence,
vaginal wall
relaxation and genito-urinary syndrome in menopause
Prof. dr Aleksandra Novakov Mikić
10:40 Discussion


Moderators: Dr Vladimir Antić, Ass. dr Igor Pilić, Ass. dr Stevan Milatović

09:00 Ashermanov syndrome, modern treatment Prof. dr Aleksandra Trninić Pjević
09:20 Complications of hysteroscopic surgery, prevention and solution Prim. dr Luka Anđelić
09:40 Hysteroscopic treatment of fibroids and adenomyosis Ass. dr Rastko Maglić
10:00 Hysteroscopy prior to IVF Ass. dr Stevan Milatović
10:20 The application of hysteroscopy in oncofertility Ass. dr Igor Pilić
10:40 Discussion

11:00 – 11:30 coffee break


Standards in laparoscopic surgery
Moderators: Prof. dr Omer Devaja, Prof. dr Alexander Musteu, Prof dr Miroslav Kopjar

11:30 Laparoscopic hysterectomy – standard Dr Edin Alagić
11:50 Why, when and how we should operate myomas? Prof. dr Vesna Kopitović
12:10 Laparoscopic myomectomy – challenges in practice Prim. dr Luka Anđelić
12:30 Morsellation – do we have solution? Prof. dr Katty Huang
12:50 Particularities of laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy Prof. dr Marius Craina
13:10 Discussion


Interesting endoscopy cases
Moderators: Dr Nikola Badžakov, Prim. dr Dragan Budakov, Prof. dr Artur Bjelica

11:30 Laparoscopic Placement of Cervical Cerclage Dr Nikola Pančevski
11:50 Laparoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of emergency and unclear situation Prim. Dr Rade Marković
12:10 Treatment of ectopic pregnancy-progress towards laparoscopy Ass. Prof. dr Cristian Fuaru
12:30 Intraabdominal bleeding in pregnancy
after laparoscopic salpingectomy
Dr Aleksandra Vejnović
12:50 Is There a Diagnostic Gold Standard
For Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia in Menopause
Prof. dr Branka Nikolić
13:10 Discussion

13:20 – 14:30 Lunch break
MIG in oncology
Moderators:Prof. dr Marius Craina, Dr Edin Alagić, Doc. dr Rajko Fureš

14:30 The role of laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of cervical cancer Prof. dr Omer Devaja
14:50 Endometrial Cancer-State of the Art Prof. dr Alexander Musteu
15:10 The role of laparoscopy in the treatment of borderline and malignant ovarian tumors Doc. dr Aljoša Mandić
15:30 The endoscopic approach to endometrial cancer Prof. dr Srđan Đurđević
15:50 Practical experience with laparoscopic lymphadenectomy in gynecological oncology Prof. dr Miroslav Kopjar
16:10 Discussion


Minimally Invasive Urogynecology
Moderators: Prof. dr Eric Sokol, Prof. dr Srđan Đurđević, Doc. dr Rajko Fureš

14:30 Minimal Invasive Surgery in Urogynecology Dr Nikola Badžakov
14:50 Laparoscopic treatment of total prolapse
of the uterus and stress incontinence in women of
childbearing age with the preservation of the genital organs
Dr Nenad Dimitrijević
15:10 Quality of Life in Female Patients
Following “Sling” Operation for Stress Urinary Incontinence
Prim. dr Damir Hodžić
15:30 Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
in minimally invasive approach gynecological patients
Doc. dr Rajko Fureš
15:50 Laparoscopic and robotic uterine
– sparing prolapse suregry
Prof. dr Eric Sokol
16:10 Discussion

16:30 – 17:00 coffee break


Video lectures
Moderators: Prof. dr Tihomir Vejnović, Prof. dr Aleksandar Stefanović, Prof. dr Snežana Rakić

17:00 Operative laparoscopy sec. Wertheim Prof. dr Omer Devaja
17:25 Complications during Laparoscopy Prof. dr Resad Pašić
17:50 Tips and Tricks for Challenging Robotic Myomectomy Prof. dr Katty Huang
18:15 Laparoscopic dissection of the pelvic side wall
to identify the paravesical and pararectal space and
the origin of the uterine artery
Prof. dr Eric Sokol
18:40 Discussion

20:00 Gala dinner, Vidikovac restaurant, Ledinci


SUNDAY – 18.12.2016.

Moderators: Prof. dr Vesna Kopitović, Prof. dr Snežana Vidaković, Prof. dr Aleksandra Trninić-Pjević

09:00 Endometriosis – ART and surgery can they come together? Doc. dr Đorđe Ilić
09:20 Endocrinological consequences after operation
on the ovaries (cystectomy, drilling, resection)
Prof. dr Snežana Vidaković
09:40 Endometriosis
(Coexistence of endometriosis in women with symptomatic leiomyomas)
Prof. dr Katty Huang
10:00 Laparoscopy of advanced ovarian endometriosis
– loosing of ovarian reserve –
bipolar versus laser – is there any differences
Dr Vera Kovačević
10:20 The deep infiltrative endometriosis Dr Vlada Antić
10:40 „Pelvis frozen“ – laparoscopy without limits Dr Bojan Mrđanov
11:00 Discussion


Recent advance in minimally invasive gynecology
Moderators: Prof. dr Artur Bjelica, Prim. dr Dragan Budakov, Ass. Dr Dragan Stajić

10:00 Laparoscopy in pregnancy – our experience Prim. dr Dragan Budakov
10:20 Is there an optimal way to create pneumo peritoneum Ass. Dr Dragan Stajić
10:40 What can be done by a surgeon in gynecological endoscopic operations? Ass. dr Aleksandar Gluhović
11:00 Laparoscopic treatment of adnexal masses – Are we brave enough? Ass. dr Nebojša Zečević
11:00 Discussion